Kent Surrey Sussex Dementia Call 2014 set the challenge – find the solution

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In January 2014 Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSS AHSN) is launching “KSS Dementia Call 2014”. It has one simple aim: “Enhancing the quality of life for people living with dementia”. From diagnosis to end of life care – there are endless opportunities.

KSS Dementia Call 2014 will invite experts – clinicians, commissioners, patients, carers, charities, researchers, innovators… in fact anyone affected by or involved with dementia to describe the challenges they face and work together to choose the best ideas, innovations and approaches.

For the first time, an online community focused on dementia in KSS will come together to share their challenges then decide which ones to explore first. The best ones will be presented to colleagues in industry to work with us to develop solutions.

Your challenge could be the start of something that will raise the quality of life of thousands of people living with dementia across KSS.

KSS Dementia Call 2014 starts in January 2014 so please give some thought as to what would make the most difference, what is the biggest challenge and what help we need from industry.

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