The end… and Goodbye

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It is finally over… a bit relieved and a bit sad. It was time to fly back home to England. We finished our poster and presented it with great success.

It was quite an exciting and worthwhile venture…. where I learned a lot of things, not only on the subject of the research but also in general… such as working in a team, presentation skills, and also meeting and learning about new people and their work.

Although it is the end of this adventure… it also is only the beginning of another. We plan to write this project up as an article… with hopes of getting it published and also to continue our research, using Oxymap to help us compare different treatments for diabetic macular oedema to see which is the best treatment. This we plan to also present at another conference… in the near future.

But all of this is for another time… for now I will just sit back at enjoy the trip home.


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