Presentation Day

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So… the big day arrived! This is the day that we had to present our poster to the attendees and interested audience at the conference. We started bright and early with a lovely American breakfast of yummy pancakes… and then headed off straight to the conference. We had to put up our poster to the allocated slot before 8:30am. However, we were not actually presenting till in the afternoon.

It was a lucky thing too… because when we arrived, we realized that our poster was too big for the board! What a stress… and some freaking out! But lucky for us there was a printing store within the conference center, and we were lucky that they agreed… after alot of begging and sad faces… to have it reprinted at a scaled down size in time for our presentation. So… what should have been a relaxed morning turned out to be alot of stress and worry. In the meantime… we had to wait.

The morning was spent looking around the conference… gazing at a couple posters, sitting in one or two lectures.. and basically poking about at whatever looked interesting. We even met the Icelandic pioneers who developed the Oxymap machine… which was the feature presentation of our poster.

In no time at all… 2:00pm arrived… and we were able to extract our newly re-sized poster and tack it up to our board in time. We did not have a formal presentation, but had to present to whoever came around to look at the poster. Lots of people came… from Australia to Mexico… and from doctors to drug reps. But all were interested and had many questions… some easy… some quite interrogatory. They were interested in the type of laser therapy used…and the exact technique; a lot of details on how the Oxymap works, how the data was collected and processed, the reasons behind our reasoning and explanations. They were all quite in-depth… and I even learned a couple points from their questioning. In the end, the majority of our audience was very impressed with our work. We got quite a number of cards with contacts and email addresses… so to keep them up to date on where our project was heading. That alone was such a great satisfaction… that it made this whole project and trip extremely worthwhile.

After our gruelling poster session… we were ready to celebrate our success with a lovely evening walk into the town, some shopping and a very restful evening.

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