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Hello everybody,

this week has been similar to last week so I won’t be able to tell you much for news. We still need more male participants, but it looks like my snowballing technique works quite well, so more and more males contact me to take part. We have now 50 participants lined up and with a bit of luck we might even get to around 60.

Also, there won’t be a blog next week as it will be the week before my last week, i.e. there are just two weeks left, wow! As I will write a big summary at the end, I will save your time next Friday.

Other interesting news might be my discovery that Bat n’ trap is a Kentish pub game! We played it as a Department vs. Department English summer fun – I love the British savoir-vivre – you can even imagine the Victorian English upper class in their White dresses and hats to spend their time on the lawns. Hilarious. Just that I found out afterwards that Bat n Trap was actually not an upper class game. Oh , well… There were others.

Furthermore, somebody of the Department (no names!!!) made me participate in an EEG experiment but it was actually quite fun they induced some funny boat-sick feeling and everything moved from right to left and left to right. Loved it! So sad they didn’t do out of body experience!

So long for now,

Anna B.

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