A strange one

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Morning Sunday,

this has been a very different and weird week for me. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, heavy flooding in my hometown in Germany caused massive damage in my family’s business and unimaginable tragic situations for families who lost eveything they owned – their house, clothes, documents, anything. Because of this, I felt the urgent wish to go home and support my family. Now, my family’s business is cleared out and empty, and negotiations are going on but we have no idea what will happen.

Meanwhile, I tried to organise things from a distance. We still had participants coming in, so we have roughly 25 participants tested so far – a good number for the moment. I also realised that it is not as easy as it sounds to organise yourself with all the emails one gets everyday. Imagine a world not so long ago, when the only way people could communicate was via letter and phones. What a peaceful world! Nowadays, brring –  and another email and there is no way around it. Quicker and quicker, faster and faster and if you don’t respond within a few minutes, another stack of new emails overwhelms you and you forget the earlier ones. Are my 70 year old participants more efficiant than I am? …

Also, we experienced our first misunderstanding and lost a participant. Fortunately not due to my earlier mentioned email jungle. One point for me, yay. I guess it’s c’est la vie. Maybe we can rescue him, but in case any of my participants read this: we are very thankful that you all participate.

So long until next week,

Anna B.


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