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Howdy people,

there we are again for my blog of the week. Unfortunately, I cannot really tell you so much. Because of some personal distractions caused by flooding in my home town in Germany, I was working quite slow the last week. However, here are some highlights:

Me: “So I can’t find any proper questionnaire for diet intake, Robin. Maybe we just need to make our own one…”

Robin: … (silence)

Me: “….  … oh, I see. That was one of those stupid questions?”

Robin: “Well,… yes.”

So no, it is not possible to just make up your own questionnaire in a few minutes – oops. Also, my supervisor is not afraid of actively using the psychology of attraction to recruit participants in the library, i.e. yes, I have to ask the guys.

Other than that, we are ready to test now. I finished the questionnaire (no, didn’t invent items) and we decided on all the health measurements we are going to do. The only thing is now to wait for the lung capacity tester and blood pressure tester. In the meantime, I am practising with the callipers so I won’t scratch my participants’ eyes out (don’t worry, I am getting really good).

So long,

Anna B.

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