Respiratory Clinic Launch: Tuesday 14 May

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Tuesday 14 May,2013 marked the official launch for the University’s Respiratory Clinic at the School of Exercise and Sports Science which was hosted by Dr John Dickinson and his team at Medway Park Sports Centre. The event showcased how the Clinic can support athletes with a range of respiratory challenges and help improve performance.

Guests included around 20 representatives from organisations such as Kent County Cricket Club, Medway Maritime Hospital, K College and Kentsport. Dr Dickinson gave a demonstration of the Clinic’s equipment which includes the EVH (Eucapnic voluntary hyperpnea) testing kit which is widely considered the gold-standard test for diagnosing exercise-induced asthma (EIA) in athletes.

The EVH challenge is a 6-min test during which the athlete breathes a cold, dry gas at very high ventilation rates. Airway function following the test is compared against normal resting (baseline) airway function.

An additional piece of equipment was showcased called the Thora3Di PneumaScan. The Thora3Di allows the measurement of abdominal and chest wall movement using structured light plethysmography. Dr. Dickinson demonstrated this measurement was possible using a chess board of light beamed onto a person’s chest. Measurements can be seen real-time and instant feedback on an individual’s breathing pattern can be given.

Dr Dickinson commented:

"We’re delighted that a variety of health and sporting professionals attended this event which provided an insight into the Clinic’s work and how we can provide a range of support within a holistic package for Clubs. By ensuring a correct diagnosis and treatment programme for athletes with respiratory problems we can help have a positive impact on performance".

The Clinic’s services can be used by teams or individuals and breathing assessments can be built into a personalised package for groups. The equipment is portable and can be transported to a Club’s training grounds for convenience.

For more information on the Clinic, please visit the Respiratory Clinic webpage, email John Dickinson or telephone +44 (0)1634 202998.

Alternatively, you may also email Kent Innovation and Enterprise or telephone: +44 (0)1227 827376 to discuss this further.

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