Medway students win poster prize

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Students from Medway School of Pharmacy were granted two of the three poster awards of the UK QSAR and Chemoinformatics Meeting held in Unilever, Bedford in April 2013. The posters were based on the MPharm projects of Victor Osho and Oluwasegun Ojo, and the PhD students Danielle Newby and Maxim Sharifi under the supervision of Dr Tara Ghafourian. The award included a cash prize and an assortment box of various Unilever products.

The winning posters were:

  • ‘Comparing Caco-2 and MDCK Permeability for Oral Absorption Estimations’ by Danielle Newby,  Alex Freitas and Taravat Ghafourian
  • ‘Evaluation of QSAR and ligand enzyme docking for the identification of ABCB1 substrates’ by Victor Osho, Oluwasegun Ojo, Maxim Sharifi and Taravat Ghafourian

The presenters were given an opportunity for short oral presentations of the posters.

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