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The AHSN has a broad remit, with some responsibilities that overlap with others (e.g. the various research and clinical networks). We also have a particular remit to strengthen collaboration between industry and the NHS and have a couple of April events focused on this.
On 24 April, we have organised a session on industry accelerators, to learn from others and support our entry into this space. Accelerators provide support, advice and mentoring to organisations looking to move into their next stage of development.
Some focus on start-ups, often taking an equity stake in organisations in return for providing funding to develop their new product and bridge the time gap before sales revenues flow in.
Our focus is on more established organisations, SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), in part because Kent, Surrey and Sussex has the richest density of health technology SMEs with over 700 companies based in the patch.
The 24 April is a well-subscribed invitation-only evening event, where with help from the South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA), we have pulled together delegates with significant UK and overseas experience in this area. If you would like to get involved in the follow-on work please contact me and have a look at the website of our overseas delegates Medicalps.
On 23 April, we have a clinical collaborative evening on adopting best practice in intraoperative fluid management, one of the nationally identified High Impact Innovations. We are bringing key industry players together with customers and potential customers. We are asking Industry participants to come and explore the potential to strengthen their export credentials, create wealth and local jobs. We are asking NHS participants to come and share their experience as customers and why NICE endorsements don’t automatically translate into increased adoption of particular technologies. Our interest is in getting best practice adopted faster and help UK PLC to grow.
Finally, on a separate note, we have an initial workshop on information on 18 April, with delegates attending from industry, academia and the NHS and follow-on activity planned which I will share in future e-mail updates.
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Guy Boersma
Managing Director (interim)
Kent, Surrey & Sussex Academic Health Science Network

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