Computer simulation promotes understanding of fundamental biological processes

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Computer simulations are emerging as useful tools to study how cellular molecules form networks, thereby creating the processes of life. Dr. Tobias von der Haar, working in collaboration with expert computer scientists from the School of Computing at the University of Kent, recently applied this approach to protein synthesis, a core biological process which malfunctions in cancer cells and during viral infections. They revealed that molecules involved in protein synthesis adopt a specialised network which allows healthy cells to produce protein using a minimal amount of energy and other resources.

Dr. von der Haar is Senior Lecturer in Systems Biology in the School of Biosciences brings his expertise to our undergraduate modules in Biochemistry and delivers our cutting edge advanced practical training in our taught Master’s programmes. He is also the coordinator of the School of Biosciences’ science outreach work with the local community.

Chu DF and von der Haar T (2012) The architecture of eukaryotic translation. Nucleic Acids Res 40(20):10098-10106.

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