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  1. Talking about parenthood and birth – workshop participants wanted
  2. Physical therapists and fitness professionals: perceptions of lower back pain
  3. Study on the employment outcomes of individuals who have claimed Universal Credit
  4. Take a Heritage Walk on the Canterbury High Street with your friends and family 
  5. Accuracy of the Cultural Representation of Japan 
  6. Location-based recommendation on the pursuit of everyday happiness 
  7. Have you seen turtles in the UK? 
  8. The impact of breathing pattern retraining and high intensity intermittent exercise on exercise respiratory systems 
  9. EEG study about mentally stimulating everyday actions 
  10. Investigation on food habituation through repeated visual stimuli: an EEG study 
  11. Non-pharmacological management of motion sickness using auricular vagus nerve stimulation 
  12. Researchers are looking for asthmatics and those that experience respiratory complaints during exercise to participate in a study 
  13. Navigating adulthood and autonomy in autistic women within Higher Education institutions 
  14. A research project examining people’s experiences of harmful behaviour as an adolescent 
  15. A research project examining adverse life experiences and masculine gender role