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  1. Are you a parent/guardian to a child with a learning disability/autistic child who has received behavioural support (ABA/PBS) for this child in the UK?
  2. Exploring the use of static transport: its role in the life of the future human
  3. Have you ever wondered how fast you could metabolize caffeine? Or just how much oxygen you could use during exercise? Or how your immune system can change with exercise?
  4. Do you want to test your lung function?
  5. Do you have children under 6 years old? Do you want to share your experiences working with professionals during pregnancy and after birth?
  6. Non-pharmacological management of Motion Sickness Using Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation
  7. The Impact of COVID on Young People with SEND
  8. Attitudes towards workplace change in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  9. How well can you control the force?
  10. Are you interested in Virtual Reality?
  11. The Influences on Online Behaviour
  12. Art Opening Minds Perspectives and Imagination in Film
  13. Are you interested in how Virtual Reality can be used in rehabilitation?