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How do I contact the Graduate and Researcher College?

If you have any questions then please contact us at, or if you have a specific skills and development question please email us at The Graduate and Researcher College will be in touch regularly by Kent email and will be updating its social media pages.

Further fee-free 3 month extension 

As you should know, all PGR students are entitled to apply for a 3 month fee-free extension, irrespective of where they are in their studies. This is to be applied for as you approach the end of your research or studies. For PhD research students, this can also be applied for within the continuation year. This is a blanket ruling for everyone.
In response to feedback and your views, we have explored the possibility of selected students who are particularly badly affected (for example from lack of access to resources/research base/labs/clients, who have caring duties, who are home schooling or have faced serious illness etc) being able to apply for a further maximum fee-free 3 month extension. The process is explained in the Covid-19 Further Extension Application Process form.

Covid Impact Statement 

From the start of the pandemic, research students have been advised to adapt (where possible) their research activities to address and manage disruptions caused by Covid-19 restrictions. Staff have also been advised to show leniency and understanding in their roles as internal examiners without lowering the quality of the theses being examined. Kent is now extending mitigation in relation to such disruption to allow students to include a statement in their dissertation on the impact of Covid-19 disruptions on their PhDs.

For more information visit our Academic Regulations page and click on Instructions to Examiners/Candidates for the Examination of Research Degrees. You can also find the information document here.

Where can I find additional information?

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