HRER review underway – all feedback welcome!

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The Graduate and Researcher College (GRC) and the Researcher Development Advisory Group (RDAG) are seeking your feedback on the University’s continued efforts to support the development of its researchers as part of the eight-year HRER external review process.

The European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research Award (HRER) encourages and recognises best practice in researcher development and support, and Kent first attained this prestigious award in May 2013.

The University is committed to supporting all academic and research staff in their career and personal development, and recently published its Action Plan to implement the Principles of the Researcher Development Concordat. This document is now being expanded to include actions carried forward from the 2017-21 HRER Action Plan and will be submitted as the HRER forwards-looking plan in November 2021, together with an updated backwards-looking plan summarising progress made and an accompanying report.

Dr Alison Charles, Researcher Developer (Academic), said:

“Feedback from academic and research colleagues will be key to creating an accurate, realistic and inclusive HRER submission. I encourage you to share your views on our progress to implement actions listed in the current action plan, as well as on any aspect of our expanded efforts to support researcher development at Kent. All feedback will be anonymised. Do please spare five minutes to tell us what you think.”

How to give us feedback?

Please submit your feedback anonymously via our HRER feedback form, available until 23.59 on 07 November 2021.

Alternatively, please contact the RDAG Secretary or speak to a member of RDAG.

Any queries, please contact the GRC. We look forward to receiving your feedback and thank you for engaging in the HRER review process.