GSEJ’s Impact at G7

Last month, Prof Joy Zhang, a member of the Taskforce for the G7’s official think tank group conference (Think 7), presented a comprehensive set of policy recommendations on global biodata governance. This presentation took place during the Think 7 conference in Rome, where experts gathered to shape policy directions for this year’s G7 presidency.

Two significant projects from GSEJ were highlighted: One project, led by Dr. Jill Shepherd (Biosciences), focuses on stem cell donation. The other, Prof Joy Zhang’s work on genetic solidarity. Two out of the four recommendations presented by Prof Zhang are included in the formal Think 7 communiqué to the G7 presidency. They are:

  • Facilitating international summits and working groups to develop common ethical guidelines for human rights protection in cross-border biodata sharing; laying the groundwork for tailored agreements on data governance.
  • Supporting interdisciplinary capacity building in clinical and laboratory scientists, statisticians, and algorithm developers to FAIRify data at scale; encouraging genetic counseling training to healthcare providers to serve the public effectively.

The significance of this achievement is underscored by the sheer volume of submissions. Out of more than 230 policy proposals submitted globally, only 23 were selected. The inclusion of these recommendations in the G7’s official policy framework marks a substantial step forward in addressing critical issues in biodata governance, showcasing the impactful work of GSEJ members.