Dr Shepherd Tackles Racial Disparity in Stem Cell Transplant

Since summer 2023, GSEJ founding member  Dr Jill Shepherd (School of Biosciences) has been working with Health Action Charity Organisation and New Life Pentecostal Church as well as other communities to help address the inequality in stem cell transplants between white and black patients.

Dr Shepherd attended the launching of a recent report, Where are our nations donors?, published by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Ethnicity Transplantation and Transfusion. This report further underlines the importance of Dr Shepherd’s ongoing study, which will conduct further empirical studies with young people in early 2024.

In July 2024, Dr Shepherd and three other members of GSEJ, Prof Joy Zhang, Dr Rebecca Cassidy and Camille Serisier, will organise a combined format open panel, Public Participation and Health Equality in Future Biobanking, at the joint annual conference for the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology and The Society of the Social Studies of Science in Amsterdam.

The Call for Contribution is open. Conventional paper presentations, visual exhibitions or photography displays, as well as brief demonstrations of alternative creative methods are all welcome: https://nomadit.co.uk/conference/easst-4s2024/p/14203#

Deadline: 12 February 2024.