Former Head of DST Launches Our Special Issue

We are thrilled to announce that Dr Renu Swarup, esteemed geneticist, former head of India’s Department of Biotechnology and a key figure in the formulation of India’s Biotechnology Vision and Strategy launched our special issue, ‘Bioeconomy for the Common Good’ for the journal, Asian Biotechnology and Development Review at the G20 event GSEJ co-hosts with RIS, India.

This special issue has articles discuss inter alia, bio-sovereignty, fairness and bioeconomy, traditional knowledge, biotechnology in Brazil, Stem Cell Research, relevance of an idea from China for global bioethics, treatments for ageing and health equity, and, responsible life sciences in Africa. Read together they draw our attention to the need for questioning our assumptions on bioeconomy and the role of technology and ethics in furthering bioeconomy. Instead of providing easy answers they help us to critically think on bioeconomy and ideas like biosovereignty.

This special issue features work for GSEJ members Dr. Jill Shepherd, Dr. Anna Walstein, and Prof Joy Y. Zhang.

GSEJ Director Prof Joy Y Zhang was at the launch and she emphasised that it had always been GSEJ’s commitment to not only ‘investigate’ epistemic justice but also actively contribute to efforts that can balance North-South power disparity in hosting academic and policy debates. We’re grateful for the endorsement our special issue has received by Indian’s policy and academic communities.


(left to right: Dr. Krishinivas Ravi Srinivas, Dr. Renu Swarup and Prof. Joy Y. Zhang)