GSEJ Co-Hosts G20 Discussion

We are very pleased to announce that on 18-19 August 2023, GSEJ will be co-hosting the conference, BioGovernance and Science Diplomacy: The Way Forward, in New Delhi with the prestigious Research and Innovation System for Development Countries (RIS).

This conference is organised by GSEJ Director Professor Joy Y. Zhang and Dr Krishna Ravi Srinivas, Senior Fellow and Consultant at RIS. It is part of a series of discussions leading up to this year’s G20 meeting.

The event itself is a result of productive global dialogues championed by GSEJ and RIS over the past two years. By bringing together an interdisciplinary panel of experts from both India and the UK, the event is a small circle high level exchange which provides an opportunity to collectively examine the strategic importance between India-UK research collaborations. It aims to bring new insights on how rising powers such as India shapes (or unable to shape) the global epistemology of responsible innovation strategies, particularly in the life sciences. It also critically expands our understanding of how social studies of science scholars and their research shape the geopolitics of science.

During the event, we will formally introduce two special issues that we have been working on, together with colleagues in Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the US. One is Science Diplomacy Review’s special issue, ‘New Dimensions of Science Diplomacy for the Twenty-First Century’ which has been published as Vol 4 No 3. The other is Asian Biotechnology & Development Review’s special issue, ‘Bioeconomy for the Common Good’, which will be released on 18th August.

The conference ‘Biogovernance and Science Diplomacy’ deepens these discussions by focusing on UK-India collaborations on the S&T and on science diplomacy: What are the unique opportunities and challenges? What are the implications for mitigating global inequalities, and for decolonizing science? What are the new (transnational) societal interests that are shaping global science and global governance? And indeed, what should we expect ‘meaningful dialogue’ to mean in the future, and how it should be organized and sustained? Given the increasing interactions and interest between India and UK in enhancing co-operation in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) and working on common goals like achieving Net Zero, this conference will be relevant in identifying the right questions, issues and pathways for better and meaningful collaboration in STI and biogovernance.

Full agenda: