Dr Wanjiru’s Book Launch

Dr Mwangi Wanjiru, Lecturer at Kent Law School will have a book launch in the moot court room, Wigoder Building, on Tuesday 28th March at 6 pm.
Dr Wanjiru’s book, Black Iconography and Colonial (re)production at the ICC: (In)dependence Cha Cha Cha? (Routledge 2022) explores the reproduction of colonialism at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and examines international criminal law (ICL) vs the black body through an immersive format of art, music, poetry, and architecture and post-colonial/critical race theory lens. It is of great interest to students and scholars of international criminal law, criminal justice, human rights law, African studies, global social justice, sociology, anthropology, postcolonial studies, and philosophy.
Dr Tor Krever from the University of Warwick will be discussing the book at the launch event.
The event will also feature Dr Benjamin Thorne’s 2022 book, The Figure of the Witness in International Criminal Tribunals: Memory, Atrocities and Transitional Justice, with Dr Catherine Turner from the University of Durham as the discussant.