GSEJ Spring 2023 Highlights

Looking ahead into 2023, GSEJ continues to facilitate idea exchange between academics, policy-makers and practitioners. Here are the highlights of our public events in the Spring term.


On 25 January Dr. Erik Malmqvist and Dr. Olle Blomberg from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden are to give an online seminar on ‘Scientific Authorship and Collective Responsibility’. The event is chaired by Prof. Lubomira Radoilska.


Iván Alonso Delgato Pitti, Director of Ministry of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica and Dr Subham Mukherjee at Freie Universität Berlin will discuss decolonising environmental governance. The event is chaired by Dr. Trude Sundberg.


On 22 March Prof. Amit Prasad at Georgia Institute of Technology, editor of the journal Science, Technology and Society will discuss his new book Science Studies Meets Colonialism. The event is chaired by Dr. Joy Zhang.


Between 26 and 27 April, a number of GSEJ colleagues will present at the Augmented Agency ∝ Augmented Fairness forum. More detail can be found here.