Augmented Agency ∝ Augmented Fairness Forum

Congratulations to the GSEJ team, Dr Joy Zhang, Dr. Simon Bailey, Prof. Lubomira Radoilska, Dr. Jennifer Leigh and Dr. Aparajita Mukhopadhyay for winning Kent’s Future Human Signature Research Theme’s seedcorn fund.

The project ‘Augmented Agency∝Augment Fairness?’ explores how technological interventions and imaginaries affect individual life possibilities (inclusion/exclusion) and collective conceptions of fairness.  

On 26-27 April 2023, the team will organise an in-person 2-day forum which consists of 20 expert participants working in different areas of core technology relating to human enhancement. This includes natural science subjects such as digital health, sports science, medicalisation, biosciences and genomic sciences, and also includes related experts in the social sciences, arts and humanities. 

Through a combination of short presentation and creative methods, participants will share and reflect on how their work could reshape human agency. It offers the chance for cross-comparison between different technologies to identify patterns and shared challenges on agency and social justice. The aim is to identify individual or collective future research agendas, and enable transdisciplinary collaborations.

There is a small budget for travel and accommodation for external participants. Please get in touch if you’re interested:


Confirmed speakers:

Jim Ang (Computing)

Hannah Cowan (Kings College London, medical anthropology)

Stevienna de Saille (Sheffield, sociology)

Darren Griffin (Biosciences)

Alice Hutchings (Cambridge, criminology)

Eben Kirkby (Oxford, cultural anthropology)

Lex Mauger (Sports and Exercise Sciences)

Martin Michaelis (Biosciences)

Simon Myer (Psychology)

Lubomira Radoilska (Philosophy)

Sarah Shaw (Oxford, Health Policy)

Jill Shepherd (Biosciences)

Trude Sundberg (SSPSSR)

Ben Turner (Politics)