New Article by Prof Carolyn Pedwell 

Professor Carolyn Pedwell’s new paper, exploring the post-war links among intuition, affect, computational media and AI has been published in the field-defining journal, Cultural Studies.

The paper, Speculative Machines and Us: More-than-Human Intuition and the Algorithmic Condition, provides critically insights on understanding and adapting to our ‘algorithmic condition’. Through unfolding a non-linear post-war genealogy of human-machine relations, the paper demonstrates that questions and anxieties associated with the ethics and politics of our relationships with speculative machines have a history following Turing’s universal machine, which attending to the logics of intuition can help us to sense, elicit, and dwell generatively within. The paper highlights how examining algorithmic architectures’s cultivation of future ‘more-than-human’ intuitions and sensibility is critical to the making of a more affirmative, inclusive and just social transformation.

This work is open access. Its underlying research was supported by the Leverhulme Trust under grant RF-2020-005\8: ‘Digital Media and the Human: The Social Life of Software, AI and Algorithms’ of which Professor Carolyn Pedwell was the principal investigator.