A Celebratory ‘Winter Special’ Queerying Workshop

Looking for som intellectual fun to warm up for Christmas? We’re delighted to announce that the very successful Queerying Workshop series is to host a Celebratory ‘Winter Special’ for GSEJ members on the afternoon of Friday 2 November between 14:00-17:00.
This workshop is initiated by GSEJ, and co-organised by the Gender, Culture and Sexuality & Visual and Sensory clusters. A very special thanks to Dr Sundberg for organising the development of the programme. But ALL are welcome, even if you are not affiliated with the University of Kent. The event is free to attend and you are welcome to drop in and out during the event, as we recognise how hectic December can be!Below you will find a short description of the workshop and link for registration. We hope to see you there!
A Celebratory ‘Winter Special’ Queerying Workshop
14:00-17:00 2 Dec.
Venue: UoK Canterbury Campus (room to be confirmed)
Celebration is a form of self-expression as well as a collective tradition. Nearly every culture has a celebration to combat bleakness in mid-winter and to chase away the dark; though many have become mired in consumerism, capitalism, and cultural norms. What, when, and how we celebrate is often determined societal expectations. The same holds true to academia: Not only does what we see as evidence and how we look for them define the contour of our epistemic horizon, but also, what we see as celebratory and how we honour them form the baseline of disciplinary culture.
What do we celebrate within academia? What should we celebrate? How and when? To what extent is what we understand to be celebratory determined by the baselines of disciplinary cultures? What are the impacts on determining the contour of our epistemic horizon?
This is an interactive workshop that will enable participants to celebrate their own and each other’s achievements, and to see their academic work and research in a new light. It will be a creative exchange of aspiration, hope, and happiness; and a co-discovery of the non-obvious but significant things in life that we feel could be better celebrated.Join us for a journey of queerying, reflecting and discovering with the aim of expanding our imagination on what to celebrate, how to celebrate and how we want to be celebrated.

Please register your interest here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-celebratory-winter-special-queerying-workshop-tickets-457275963717