GSEJ at the Future Human Sandpits

Dr Simon Bailey, Dr Jennifer Leigh, Dr Aparajita Mukhopadhyay, Prof Lubomira Radoilska and Dr Joy Zhang attended the University of Kent’s signature research theme (SRT), Future Human‘s sandpits last week.

Over two days of interdisciplinary discussions with colleagues across Divisions, the five GESJ members mapped out an exciting research agenda on ‘Augmented Agency, Digital Self-Care, and Augmented Fairness’ with the aim to explore the complexities of agency involving the reflexive and unreflective uses of technologies in self-care.

They propose the use of qualitative, narrative-based methods as well as conceptual analysis and hermeneutical interpretation in order to understand how digital health operates as an architecture of choice, what forms of agency this depends upon and affords, and how this experience is differentiated according to socio-cultural determinants of inclusion and exclusion.

They will pitch the research proposal and associated event on 3 November for seed funding. We wish them best of luck!