GSEJ’s Debut at the LSSJ Research Festival and Beyond

The Division for the study of Law, Society and Social Justice (LSSJ) at the University of Kent held its research festival at both of the Medway and Canterbury campuses between 7-8th July, 2022. GSEJ is honoured to be a member of the most dynamic Division at Kent and we were very pleased to make our debut contribution at the research festival.

In addition to leading the Queering the Channel workshop on 7th July, Dr. Jennifer Leigh and Dr. Trude Sundberg also led the research exchange on Sensory Research on 8th July. The 2-hour event invited people to take time, think about touch, smell, their connection to and relationship with others. It provided a space in which participants reflected on and discussed what it meant to do research, the personal cost and barriers to finding connection, rapport, balance, and self-care.

Professor Carolyn Pedwell was part of the ‘Meet the Author’ panel to discuss her latest book Revolutionary Routines: The Habits of Social Transformation. A recent open-access book review can be found here.

At the same time, 1,600 kilometres away, GSEJ was also making its debut appearance at the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology’s (EASST) annual conference in Madrid. We were delighted to organise the panel on science diplomacy. Much of the discussion will be published as a special issue in 2023.