New Research Assistant Mingyue Han

We are delighted to announce that Mingyue (Diana) Han joins GSEJ as a research assistant for the remainder of 2022.

Mingyue is a PhD Candidate in History of Science and Technology at Peking University and has been a visiting Pre-Doc Fellow at the Max Plank Institute for the History of Science in Berlin since December 2020. Her research interests include the history of scientific journals, scientific communication, and the history of medicine. Her current research focuses on the development of scientific journals and the pursuit of research transparency in the era of Open Science. She has led the China Association for Science and Technology funded project ‘Authorship Policies Of Scientific Journals’ in 2019. She has also translated two HarperCollins books into Chinese: Overdosed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine (by J Abramson) and When Death Becomes Life: Notes from a Transplant Surgeon (by JD. Mezrich).

For the next six months, she will be working with Dr Joy Zhang on the US Department of State funded ‘Creating a BioGovernance Commons’ project, and will play a key role in the literature and media research for the project ‘Hijacking Scientific Skepticism: The Role of Subjugated Knowledge in Contemporary Political Gridlock’, lead by Dr Joy Zhang and Dr Veronika Stoyanova, funded by the University fo Kent.