Part-time Research Assistants Needed

We are recruiting two short term 0.5FTE Research Assistants (RAs) to work over the summer. This is to help with literature and media research for the project ‘Hijacking Scientific Skepticism: The Role of Subjugated Knowledge in Contemporary Political Gridlock’, lead by Dr Joy Zhang and Dr Veronika Stoyanova.

The ‘post-truth’ era we live in gives prominence to subjugated knowledge, which underlines the social conditionality of facts and the tactical usefulness of alternative discourses. This project lies in the nexus of Dr Zhang’s expertise on the sociology of knowledge and science governance and Dr Stoyanova’s expertise on political communication and ideological mobilisation. The Research Assistants are expected to contribute to the groundwork of the project, which is   not only to specify the social conditions that turn scientific skepticism into divisive politics, but also to investigate ways to ‘reverse engineer’ the resulting political gridlock and rebuild constructive public debates.

To fulfil the RA role, a Masters degree or above in any subject area will suffice. But the individual is expected to have database and media research experience. One of the positions requires Bulgarian and/or Polish language skills.

Depending on the individual’s skill set, the length of the contract can vary between 1-3 months. Remote working is fine.

If you are interested, please email your CV and contact Dr. Joy Zhang directly: