Future Human 30 Bricklink competition

Design a Lego model or scene showing how humans will interact with technology in the future

In collaboration with Modus Construction, the Future Human Signature Research Theme want you to show us how humans are going to interact with technology in 30-years’ time, all through the medium of Lego!

What will we look like?          How will we get about?          What games will we play?          What will we do for work?          Where will we live?          How will we communicate?          Will technology be integrated with our bodies?      Will technology change what we can do?

These are some of the questions we want you to answer, by designing a Lego model or a scene that shows your vision for the future of humans and technology.

Through the sponsorship of Modus Construction, a prize of £100 of Lego vouchers will be awarded to the five best entries that we receive by 28th February 2023.

Please see below for further details of how to construct your Lego model/scene and submit your entry to us.   



You will need to create your Lego model/scene using BrickLink Studio 2.0 – a free public digital building software program that essentially lets you build with Lego blocks in a virtual world.

Once you have built your model/scene in BrickLink Studio, you will need to ‘render’ a series of images of it from different angles and then email the images to the Future Human team at Futurehuman@kent.ac.uk.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Go to the Bricklink Studio website – https://www.bricklink.com/v3/studio/download.page
  2. Click ‘Download Studio 2.0 for Windows’ or download Mac version if you are using a Mac
  3. Once it has downloaded, go through the guided installation process. You should now have Studio 2.0 downloaded on your computer
  4. Watch the YouTube tutorial for how to use the software here – https://youtu.be/BUxP1A4NLGE?list=PLJLUP5dbMVzwfEPjK_4WIas_hiW9xIbCi
  5. Create your model/scene
  6. When your creation is finished, click ‘Render’ in the toolbar at the top of the screen and save the image of your creation as a PNG file. Repeat this process several times using different viewing angles that best show off your creation.  
  7. Email you images (up to 5 different angles) to the Future Human team at Futurehuman@kent.ac.uk no later that 28th February 2023.







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