Future Human PPIE fund

Seven project have been awarded PPIE funding from Future Human

For the last few weeks the Future Human Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) fund has been open for applications. The aim of this fund is to provide researchers and public partners with support for targeted activities that encourage meaningful public engagement and involvement in research and events. Such engagement is often a prerequisite of external funding applications, particularly in health research, and it helps provide enormous value to enhance the quality and impact of the research. We hope that through the support of Future Human, PPIE is increasingly built into the whole research process.
We received applications for the PPIE fund from staff across the Divisions of Arts & Humanities, Natural Sciences, Law, Society and Social Justice, Human & Social Sciences, and Kent Business School. Seven projects were selected to receive funding, the titles of which are detailed below. Once the event/project has taken place, the project team will provide an overview of the project and its outcomes, either as a short report, a video, podcast, or infographic. We’re really looking forward to seeing these events take place and hearing about how the public has been engaged and involved with Future Human related research at Kent.

– Failspace

– Interdisciplinary showcase by NATS early-career researchers
– Effect of a university health campaign on public knowledge, attitudes, and practices towards the prevention of chronic disease

– During cross-examination of adults with intellectual disabilities do choice questions with visuals result in less suggestibility than verbal leading questions?
– Digital by Default Horizon Event

– Psychology engagement event

– Staging of workshops/networking events on the subject of ‘Uncertainty, UK Macroeconomy and Household Finance