Monthly blog

January 2022

Welcome to Future Human, the University of Kent Signature Research Theme that aims to explore the possibilities for future human lives.

As we progress all too quickly through January 2022 it feels like our activities are really beginning to burst into life. We are going ahead with our planning for an Early career/Mid-career researcher sandpit event due to take place on the 4th and 5th May. Part of our Future Human remit is to make more interdisciplinary research happen and also provide leadership skills within the University of Kent community of academics. The sandpit will provide an opportunity to all ECRs and MCRs at the University of Kent interested in the area of Future Human to come together and plan a collaborative project. We have funding to support pilot activities.

A call for the sandpit will go out at the end of January.

We are also excited to have begun our work on Future Human 30, a collaboration with KMTV. Future Human 30 starts with the question: what do young people think future humans will look like in 30 years? This fascinating question will form the basis of our exciting new engagement programme with schools across the county as we challenge young people to predict how they think healthy humans, working humans and super humans will look in the next three decades.

We will provide updates on Future Human 30 and more of our activities across 2022.