Launch: Society for the Philosophy of Information

Following a 10-year period of formal and informal collaboration between several researchers, the establishment of the Society for the Philosophy of Information (SPI, [1]) inaugurates the next phase in the development of the philosophy of information as an independent and self-sustained philosophical field.

The Society was founded during the fourth workshop on the philosophy of information [2] held at the University of Hertfordshire in May 2012, and is now ready to open its membership to anyone interested in the philosophy of information while promoting its scientific and educational activities.

Prior collaborations, including part of the work done at the Oxford-based IEG research-group [3], several editorial projects [4-8], and a highly successful workshop-series [9], will find a new home in this society. In addition to this legacy, several new activities will be launched and led by some of the current members of the society [10].

Concretely, the SPI:

– brings together scholars in the area harnessing the multidisciplinary
and international nature of the Philosophy of Information;
– organises workshops, seminars, conferences and other similar
activities to explore the philosophical issues concerning the concept
of information and its cognate notions;
– publishes teaching material for undergraduate and graduate courses on
the Philosophy of Information;
– maintains a state-of-the-art collection of bibliographic resources;
fosters editorial projects and funding proposals.

In this way, the SPI offers learning and research instruments to undergraduate and graduate students, while promoting the academic network and activities of junior and senior academics whose work focuses on the Philosophy of Information.

The website of the SPI ( is the main centre of activity where we present the aim and focus of the philosophy of information, the mission of its society, and, most importantly, provide information about the current and soon to be launched activities of the SPI. The current activities include:

– a regularly updated PI-related news feed;
– an overview of previous workshops in the philosophy of information,
and an announcement of the fifth workshop;
– a brand new textbook [11] on the philosophy of information that forms
the cornerstone of our teaching resources;

While the soon to be launched activities include:

– a sustained presence of SPI-sponsored sessions at international
– a repository of teaching resources, including an overview of courses
in the philosophy of information that are currently taught;
– bibliographic resources on the philosophy of information, including
an annotated bibliography;
– an overview of the many edited volumes and monographs on the
philosophy of information that were published during the last ten
– book-reviews and book-symposia on notable publications that fit
within or are relevant to the philosophy of information.

Interested researchers and students are encouraged to support this enterprise by becoming a member (link) and by taking part in the activities of the society.

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