Our network

The EU Rights is grateful for the financial support it receives from the European Programme for Integration and Migration under its sub-fund on EU mobility.

We work in collaboration with non-governmental organisations throughout the EU which assist citizens in upholding their European rights before the national authorities.

Our partners include:

ADDE (Association pour le Droit des Etrangers), Belgium

The Legal Clinic of Zagreb University Law Faculty, Croatia

The European Network for Clinical Legal Education, Czech Republic

Danish Immigrant Counselling, Denmark

La Clinique Juridique, France

GISTI (Groupe d’Information et de Soutien des Immigrés), France

Immigrant Counselling of Ireland, Ireland

EUI Human Rights Working Group’s Law in Action Project, European University Institute, Italy

ACCEM, Spain

Pro Igual, Spain

Crossroads Göteborg, Sweden

ZBPO (Union of Citizens Advice Bureaux), Poland

NACAB (National Association of Citizens’ Advice Bureaux), Romania

LawWorks, UK

The AIRE Centre (Advice on Individual Rights in Europe), United Kingdom

ENRAC Partner Logos March 2015

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