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The EU Rights Clinic is a not-for-profit civic initiative of the University of Kent in Brussels and the European Citizens Action Service which operates within the framework of the European Citizen’s House ( The mission of the EU Rights Clinic is to help EU citizens and their family members to enforce their European rights. This assistance is provided by students enrolled on the EU Migration Law course at the University of Kent in Brussels.

The students work in partnership with other volunteers from different backgrounds from around Europe and beyond. PhD students, qualified lawyers and citizens’ rights advisers all contribute their time free of charge to support the work of the EU Rights Clinic.

The EU Rights Clinic is welcoming applications from volunteer students, translators and lawyers who wish to contribute a few hours of their time every month on research and translating correspondence, working from home. By making full use of technology, you’ll contribute to cases by undertaking research – be it EU law or national law – and drafting correspondence in different languages. Applications from translators, lawyers specialised in EU law and students undertaking specialised research in EU law are particularly welcome.

Our aim is to expand our capacity to advise on specialised aspects of the EU rules on free movement such as visas, residence formalities, nationality, social security and equality of treatment.

If this is something you’re interested in, we’d like to hear from you.

Please email us your CV and a writing sample if available to

You can find out more about the EU Rights Clinic here.

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