Congratulations to Dr Robert Horne (EDA) and Dr Maria Alfredsoon (SPS) upon funding for Covid-19 testing tool

Congratulations to Dr Robert Horne, Lecturer in Electronic Systems at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts (EDA) and Dr Maria Alfredsson, Reader in Theoretical Materials from the School of Physical Sciences (SPS) upon the award of £186,468.50 from Mologic Ltd for the research project entitled: Developing an Electric board Prototype for Medical testing with an Aqeous Battery which will develop a low cost ($1) Covid-19 detection tool that can provide rapid and reliable results in a single credit sized test unit, using a mobile phone to communicate the diagnosis.  The project will also enable the University to hire multiple researchers and update EDA’s clean room for Pick and Place capabilities.

The School of Engineering and Digital Arts are developing the ultra-low power electronics, communications element and low yield systems prototypes, whilst the School of Physical Sciences are developing a novel battery technology which is aqueous based, that has a high stability and can be printed.

Mologic is one of the UK leaders in rapid diagnostics.