Why study Digital Media at Kent?

Over the last few months, digital media and online communication have never been so important. Governments, companies, non-profit organisations, global organisations, and others, have used digital media to communicate critical information. Whether conveyed as infographics, motion graphics, or other forms of media, communication through digital media can allow for an easier understanding of complex information. But who produces the platforms that allow this content to exist? Who designs the infographics? Who animates the motion graphics?

Perhaps there hasn’t been a better time when we have been so grateful for the film and television industries; Netflix alone has gained 16 million new sign-ups amid the lockdown. Many, if not most, of the films and TV shows that have kept us entertained during the lockdown have utilised animators, modellers, visual effects artists, and many other practitioners within digital media.

There is still time for you to decide to pursue a career in this important, and growing, sector with us at the University of Kent.

We have a long history of graduate success, with our Multimedia Technology and Design degree being one of the first in its field, established in 2000. Our graduates work in a range of areas from digital agencies, to web design and development, to animation, and digital visual effects for television and film. In fact, one of our Multimedia Technology and Design graduates, Elwaleed Suliman, recently published his latest showreel, it is well worth a watch.

Here at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts we are busy planning for a blended approach to the delivery of our courses for the forthcoming year and you can find out more about studying Digital Media at Kent on our YouTube Playlist. If you’re on Instagram you can also get a flavour of our programmes @kentvfx

We hope you will join us at Kent as you embark on the next chapter in your career.