Resources: Engineering at Kent

Stuck at home with not much to do? Looking to get yourself ready for first year study? Have a look through the following list of recommendations of things to read and watch from Professor John Batchelor, Engineering Programme Chair at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts.

Here’s some things for you to look at and think about while you’re waiting for your results and before you start your degree.   Engineers are puzzle solvers who love to come up with solutions to new challenges – in our case, this is by designing electronic systems, but usually also working with other engineers who do the mechanics, software, materials, user design, and manufacturing to create the complete product. 

We have had a great experience meeting and interviewing you over the last few months and hopefully, you are looking forwarding to starting your journey towards being a professional Electronics, or Computer Systems Engineer. Have a look through the resources below to keep your learning active, and help prepare for your studies at Kent in the autumn.  

Professor John Batchelor, Electronic & Communications Engineering, and Computer Systems Engineering Programme Chair


Elecronics: A Systems Approach, 6th Edition

Several of our first year modules use this textbook.  You should get a copy, and the first few chapters will be excellent preparation for the first year of the degree


Technology: This YouTube channel will teach you about recent developments in technology.

iPhone Teardown: Check out this iPhone 7 teardown in 90 seconds.

Electronics video tutorials: This publisher has made some online videos which you might find useful.

Discover the world of Maths and Physics: In 46 videos, you will be able to learn to identify the fundamental forces describing the world and the core branches of physics, pose, refine, and evaluate scientific questions, connect phenomena and models across spatial and temporal scales, use representations and models to communicate scientific phenomena and solve scientific problems, and apply mathematical equations that describe natural phenomena.

What is Electricity? Some YouTube videos introducing electricity, electronics and circuits.

PCB design using Autodesk: EAGLE PCB CAD software – check out this YouTube channel.

PCB design in EAGLE: Learn more about PCB design in EAGLE.

Engineering is about working on projects – there are some great kits out there for doing your own electronics projects with Arduinos or Raspberry Pi microcontrollers.

You could also look at our First Year Engineering Applications Project demonstration videos prepared by our Stage 1 students.

Arduino (top 10 Arduino projects): Check out these amazing projects.

One of the ways that University of Kent is trying to help during the current Coronavirus pandemic is by producing 3D printed face shields for health and care workers in our local community. Find out more in our short video which features Technicians from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts.