Resources: Digital Media at Kent

We may currently be limited as to what we can go and do, however, you can still get excited about your first year of University. Have a look through the following list of recommendations of things to read and watch from the Digital Media team at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts.

‘The creative industries are thriving, and offer a challenging but rewarding career path. With so many facets to digital media, strong motivation and a passion for creativity will serve you well in this growing sector. If you are preparing to start your digital media journey with us, here are some materials for you to explore before you commence your University studies.’

Dr Mike Green FRSA, Programme Director, Digital Media


Cédric Villani on the 7 Ingredients of Creativity

Coming up with an idea is often a challenge for those in the creative industries. In this RSA short, award-winning mathematician Cédric Villani reveals seven key ingredients for innovation.

City: the remarkable urban photographs of David Levene

If you have a passion for photography, or would like to learn more about the process that can go into getting that perfect shot, this is a good watch.

Maya 101

Our visual effects and animation modules use the software Maya. If you are new to 3D or Maya then checkout these videos to get a head start.

Learn Processing with The Coding Train

A beginners guide to the Processing programming language.


How the 50mm Lens Became ‘Normal’

The 50mm lens has become a staple amongst digital content creators, but why?

The Animator’s Survival Kit

Whether you have an interest in classical animation, games, stop motion or 2D/3D animation, this manual gives you the methods, principles and formulas needed to succeed.

The Shape of Design

Instead of thinking about the how and what, this eBook explains why you’re creating design.

Flat Design and Colours

Flat design has fast become a mainstay style in UX design; this great eBook on the topic explores techniques for creating usable yet visually appealing web designs.


Art of VFX

If you have a passion for digital visual effects, this is a great blog to take a look at.

How to Draw

Drawing isn’t an essential skill on our programme, however, if you have a passion for drawing or would simply like to learn, this collection of tutorials will teach you how to draw animals, people, flowers and more.

Learn to code in HTML and CSS

If you’re new to web-coding, or simply looking for a refresh, this set of tutorials is ideal for beginners.