Resources: Mechanical Engineering at Kent

Stuck at home with not much to do? Looking to get yourself ready for first year study? Have a look through the following list of interesting and promising technologies and recommendations of things to read and watch from Dr Mahmood Shafiee, Head of Mechanical Engineering at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts.

‘If you are preparing yourself to start an unforgettable and fascinating journey in Mechanical Engineering with us at University of Kent, here are some online materials for you to explore some cutting edge developments in Mechanical Engineering. Also this is a time to grasp some skills and prepare more for an enjoyable journey in Mechanical Engineering education.’

Dr Mahmood Shafiee (PhD, CEng, MIET, MIMechE, FHEA, PGCHE) Head of Mechanical Engineering; Programme Chair and Reader in Mechanical Engineering


Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Mechanical Engineering: This short article illustrates how Artificial intelligence is influencing the novel fields in mechanical engineering.

Additive manufacturing: This is a novel technology that could revolutionize the manufacturing process in different industries. This technology is removing the limits for your novel design. Find out more.

Introduction to Mechatronics Learn more about mechatronics.  For example, did you know that the word ‘mechatronics’ is composed of ‘mecha’ from mechanics and ‘tronics’ from electronics.

Introduction to Structural Integrity Structural integrity is the study of the safe design and assessment of components and structures under load, and has become increasingly important in engineering design. It integrates aspects of stress analysis, materials behaviour and the mechanics of failure into the engineering design process.


Smart materials YouTube video: This resource will teach you about materials that sense and react to environmental conditions.

3D design of mechanical systems: One of the most important skills that you will learn during your degree in Mechanical Engineering education is Computer-aided 3D design. You could watch some typical examples of how to design advanced and sophisticated machines for a wide range of industries.  Take a look at these videos:

Formula 1 cars: Would you like to watch some videos on how the Formula 1 cars are designed, developed, manufactured and tested? Check out these YouTube links on:


Driveless cars: It won’t be long before we see driverless vehicles in our streets. Autonomous cars are a product of mechanical engineering. Learn more about them  in The Verge (latest tech news) and in this YouTube video about self-driving cars.

Robotics: Do you want to know more about robots and the industries they influence? Find out more in Built In (robotics tech news) and in this YouTube video about the robotic revolution.

Preparation for our Mechanical Engineering modules 

Hands-on MATLAB Tutorial: Knowing one programming language is essential for every engineer so you could start learning MATLAB online and take advantage of it from beginning of your study.

Reviewing Mathematics for Engineering: Take the opportunity to recap your mathematics knowledge which is very important during your mechanical engineering education.