Digital Arts student undertakes successful marketing and graphic design internship as part of the Employability Points Scheme at Kent

Congratulations to Stephanie Daniels, Digital Arts student at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, who has been undertaking a successful digital marketing and graphic design internship with Sustainability Monitor.

Over the last few months, Stephanie has been incredibly busy undertaking a range of projects. The Sustainability Monitor website launched shortly before the start of the internship and in turn, Stephanie has been responsible to making further tweaks and developments. This has ranged from updating logos to redirecting domain names. Stephanie was also given the chance to use her digital expertise with the development of a homepage for Minerva Insight (a sister company), undertake Google analytics and assisting with the development of a Search Engine Optimisation Strategy.

Stephanie has also been responsible for developing the company’s social media presence, looking at the development of an Instagram page and working alongside a Kent IT Consulting project to analyse sustainability marketing output on Facebook.

Reflecting on her internship, Stephanie commented that she ‘most enjoyed the designing element, being able to utilise the company’s existing branding and colour palette to create different charts and graphics. It’s great to work in a business environment and being able to apply my academic knowledge and skills’.

As a result of the Employability Points (EP) Scheme at Kent, Stephanie reflected, ‘I have been able to try a different type of internship and I am now considering a masters in marketing.’

The internship, which is co-funded by EIRA, has had a significant impact on the business, as Ronnie McBryde, CEO of Sustainability Monitor explains:

“Data visualisation is key to Sustainability Monitor and fundamentally we are researchers, not designers. Having Stephanie in-house has enabled us to merge of research with design, which has allowed the move to company forward…Stephanie has worked on a wide range of projects, which have been possible because of her diverse set of skills.”

The EP team would like to thank Sustainability Monitor for providing this opportunity to University of Kent students and also to EIRA for providing funding support.