Research Seminar: Fault Analysis and Condition Monitoring of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics

The School of Engineering and Digital Arts will host its next Research Seminar entitled “Fault Analysis and Condition Monitoring of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics”, delivered by Professor Wen-Ping Cao, Head of Power Electronics, Machines and Power System Group of Aston University on Wednesday 12 December at 2 pm in Jennison Seminar Room 1.

Electrification of Transport has led to a renewed interest in electrical motors, and power electronics is commonly regarded as the enabling and critical technology for building a low-carbon economy. Efficient and health operation of these systems is of prime importance for safety-critical applications, such as electric cars and locomotives, electric aircraft and ships, smart grids and consumer electronics. This Seminar is concerned with the condition monitoring technologies for electrical machines and power electronics. It will start with a basic knowledge of power losses, fault mechanisms of electrical machines and power switches, followed by the failures caused by electrical, thermal, mechanical and environmental factors and their signatures in observable terminal quantities. Then new sensing technologies, diagnostics and prognostics (D&P) methods will be implemented and discussed.

All members of staff are welcome to the seminar. RA’s, postgraduate and interested undergraduate students are particularly encouraged to attend the event.

The Seminar will be chaired by Dr Gary Lu and all enquiries should be addressed to him.