EDA offers one year (by Research) programmes in Digital Arts and Electronic Engineering

Did you know that the School of Engineering and Digital Arts offers one year MSc programmes in Digital Arts, and Electronic Engineering, both by Research.  These programmes can be undertaken as an External Research Degree (i.e. remotely), or via traditional physical attendance at our Canterbury campus.

Whereas a taught Masters develops expertise in existing subject knowledge, an MSc by Research places more emphasis on research and practical expertise and is project-based, rather than module-based. An MSc by Research can focus on individual research skills, providing a strong foundation to build on for students considering a doctoral degree (PhD). Alternatively, our MSc by Research can be done via a practice-based approach, which is more oriented toward the industry. It is well structured with clearly defined tasks to be completed, which will eventually lead to the final dissertation.

For further information, please contact Dr Jim Ang, Chair of Graduate Studies or Mrs Tara Sutton, Recruitment Coordinator.