Research Seminar – “Biometrics Meets the Bayes’ Wars” – 16 October at 2 pm in SIBSR3

The School of Engineering and Digital Arts next Research Seminar entitled “Biometrics Meets the Bayes’ Wars” will be delivered by Professor Jim Wayman on Tuesday 16th October at 2 pm in Sibson Seminar Room 3.  The talk will focus on automated human recognition systems, comparing samples of human characteristics, such as fingerprints, facial images, voice records or iris images, to develop a metric indicating the degree of similarity or difference between the patterns.  The talk will examine a few of the arguments behind “Bayes’ Wars” in forensic applications and will discuss why biometrics remain useful for opening phones, bank accounts and immigration gates.

James L Wayman, PhD, FIET, FIEEE is an Honorary Professor of Biometrics at the University of Kent and a Principal UK. Expert on the British Standards Institution biometrics committee IST/044. He has previously been a biometrics advisor to the National Cyber Security Center and the Identity and Passport Service (now the UK. Passport Office).

All members of staff are welcome to attend.  RAs, postgraduate and undergraduate students are also encouraged to attend.

Any queries should be directed to Professor Farzin Deravi, who is also chairing the event.