Dr Qi Luo, Professor Steven Gao and Dr Chao Gu co-author a new book on “Low-cost Smart Antennas”

Dr Qi Luo, Research Fellow, Steven Gao, Professor of RF/Microwave Engineering and Dr Chao Gu, Research Associate, all from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts together with Dr Wei Liu from the University of Sheffield have co-authored a new book on “Low-cost Smart Antennas” in the Microwave and Wireless Technologies Series.

The book will be published by John Wiley & Sons later this year and will be the first on the theory and designs of low-cost smart antennas, a key technology for satellite communications, 5G and future generations of mobile communications, radars, sensor networks, navigation and Internet of Things (IoT). The publication provides many examples of practical designs of low-cost smart antennas and arrays, and their applications in wireless systems.