Research Seminar – Multiscale Simulation of Elongated Particles in a Fluidized Bed Reactor – Friday 27 July at 11 am in JS1

The School of Engineering and Digital Arts’ next Research Seminar entitled ‘Multiscale Simulation of Elongated Particles in a Fluidized Bed Reactor’, will take place on Friday 27th July from 11 am until 12 noon in Jennison Seminar Room 1 and will be delivered by Dr Barry Fitzgerald, Process and Energy Department, Technical University of Delft, Netherlands.

The seminar will focus on a multiscale simulation approach for elongated particles in fluidized bed reactors that is currently under development at TU, Delft.

Barry W. Fitzgerald is a research scientist based in the Process & Energy department in the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE) at the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft), the Netherlands. He obtained a PhD in Computational Physics at the University of Limerick in 2011. Since then he has worked in the field of polymer physics at the University of Twente, Netherlands and then as a researcher on fluid dynamics at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Netherlands. His current research is focused on the simulation of discrete particle systems ranging from the microscopic to the macroscopic scale. Examples of his research interests include non-spherical particles in fluidized bed reactors (the topic of this presentation), fluid flows in the vicinity of bluff obstacles, sheared granular materials, collective motion in biological systems, jamming in soft matter systems, and science education using popular culture. He is also active in the area of scientific communication and public outreach. He has self-published two popular science books – “Secrets of Superhero Science” and “Secret Science of Santa Claus”. Barry is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the open access journal “Superhero Science and Technology”.

The Seminar will be chaired by Dr Thomas Hunt and all enquiries should be addressed to him on