EDA attends Reculver Church of England Primary School’s Careers Fair

On Tuesday 19 June, a small team from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts technical support team attended Reculver Church of England Primary School for their Careers Fair for Year 6 children.  The aim of the event is to encourage children to think about the possible career options they could have for their own futures, whilst at the same time developing their aspirations and providing them with the opportunity to recognise the talents they already have.

Paul Sinnock, IT and Technical Services Manager, and Jason Morris, Experimental Officer (Engineering), talked to the children about STEM subjects and potential careers in Engineering and Digital Arts, including the fact that both subject areas are inclusive for males and females.  Paul and Jason also took various pieces of IT and electronic equipment to demonstrate to the children including the line following robot.

The children were very excited about the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the demonstrations.