Professor Steven Gao is lead guest editor of the Special Issue on “Small Satellites” in Proceedings of the IEEE

Small satellites are the most disruptive technology in space industries. and recent development in electronics have enabled satellites to become smaller and more intelligent. A Special Issue on “Small Satellites” has just been published in Proceedings of the IEEE (March 2018 issue).

Professor Steven Gao from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, is the Lead Guest Editor of this Special Issue. In addition, guest co-editors include Professor Sir Martin Sweeting (OBE), Executive Chairman of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, UK, Professor Shinichi Nakasuka, University of Tokyo, Japan, and Professor Peter Worden, former Director of NASA’s Ames Research Center, USA.

The Special Issue consists of 11 papers on different technologies of small satellites, authored by leading experts such as Professor Paulo Lozano, MIT, et al.

Professor Steven Gao is the leading author of an invited paper entitled “Advanced antennas for small satellites”. ‘Proceedings of the IEEE’ is the flagship journal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers with an impact factor of 9.237, which is considerably higher than other IEEE Journals.