Inclusive Design – the importance of design that works for all

The School of Engineering and Digital Arts was delighted to host a further EDI themed lecture on ‘Inclusive Design’ and ‘Accessible Learning at Kent’ on 15th November courtesy of Laura Wigzell, Founder of The Pretty Good Project and Ben Watson, Accessible Information Project Adviser at the University of Kent. This popular event provided a most fascinating insight into the world of inclusive design and accessibility which was timely, one week before the start of Disability History Month.

The Pretty Good Project is all about thoughtful, inclusive design aware that all of us have different and changing abilities. The Pretty Good Project champions those who are designing creatively to embrace this and involve users in the design process from start to finish (otherwise known as inclusive design), were a good design works for all.

Laura provided a thoughtful and engaging presentation on the importance of inclusive design referencing the products and spaces that we use ever day, and about the best way to get others engaged with inclusive design.

Ben Watson perfectly complemented Laura’s work with a presentation on the work he has been doing to embed inclusive design into learning and teaching processes at the University of Kent.