EDA celebrates ‘Holi’

For the first time ever, staff, students and friends of the School of Engineering and Digital Arts celebrated the Indian spring festival, Holi on Friday 17th March. Many were dressed in vibrant colours, some in traditional Indian clothing, truly showing the spirit of Holi!

The festivities started with a short presentation on Holi and an Aarti ceremony (a traditional offering) accompanied with a rendition of ‘Om Jai Jagadish’.

Following the presentation two activities were engaged in simultaneously. Rangoli – a colourful, interactive art form involving the creation of patterns to decorate the floor, was an activity particularly enjoyed by the children. The second activity was the ancient board game of Carrom, which is much like the game of billiards. Guests were separated into two groups, the ‘Tandoori Chickens’ and the ‘Onion Bhajis.’ The first part was the Saree (traditional Indian dress for Women) and Pagadee (traditional Indian turban styling for men) Challenge in which participants were asked to recreate these garments using supplied fabric on representatives from their teams. The second Challenge was a Pop Quiz on Holi.

Two bollywood dancers, both from Kent Business School, took to the dance floor and performed beautifully. Guests were then encourgared to join in with more Bollywood music, and soon there was a packed ‘dance floor.’

The dancers once again took the floor for the finale, as the closing act of the evening.

Big thanks to the Holi organising committee for all their hard work ensuring that the cultural celebration was such a success.