Congratulations to Chao

Congratulations to Dr Chao Wang from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, whose recent work has been accepted for post-deadline presentation at the Optical Society of America Annual Meeting.

Dr Chao Wang, a Lecturer in the Communications Research Group and his PhD student, Mr Guoqing Wang, have developed a highly efficient ultrafast optical imaging technique, which offers extremely high imaging speed of 50 million frames per second with diffraction limited imaging resolution. Their recent work entitled “Diffraction limited optical time-stretch microscopy using an in-fibre diffraction grating” has been accepted by the Frontiers in Optics (FiO) 2016 Conference as an oral postdeadline presentation.

FiO is the Annual Meeting of the Optical Society of America (OSA). This year’s FiO, to be held in Rochester, New York, USA from 17-21 October 2016, is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the OSA. Postdeadline presentations describe new and significant material in rapidly advancing areas. Only a very limited number of postdeadline submissions were selected for presentation, and only those papers judged to be truly excellent and compelling in their timeliness were accepted.