Artists from EDA exhibit ‘Pigments of Life’ and ‘Ulterior Motifs’ at The Gallery, Templeman Library

Associate lecturer and PhD candidate Michael Green, and PhD candidate Sara Choudhrey, from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, will be exhibiting a collection of their artworks in ‘Pigments of Life’, 17 October – 9 December, at The Gallery, Floor 1 West, Templeman Library, University of Kent. Additionally, Sara Choudhrey will also be exhibiting a collection of her own works in ‘Ulterior Motifs’.

Pigments of Life illustrates the world around us through different yet similar eyes. The selected artworks are a testament to the influence of the beauty and mysteries of the natural world. They feed into creativity, contributing to an ever-changing hybrid society.

Ulterior Motifs is a series of installations exploring distinctive styles, patterns and motifs found on historical artefacts and architectural sites across the Islamic world.Laser-cut and laser engraved patterns on white birch are presented against stark panels of black, leading to an exploration of depth. The play of light and shade results in an appreciation of each piece from a distance and also within close proximity, encouraging the viewer’s dynamic motion in exploring analogue objects.