Congratulations to Steven, Benito and Paul

Congratulations to Professor Steven Gao, Dr Benito Sanz Izquierdo and Dr Paul Young from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts upon successful receipt of EPSRC research funding to manage a project entitled ‘Wideband Low-Cost Smart Passive and Active Integrated Antennas for THz Wireless Communications’ (WISDOM).

The project aims to investigate a new generation of electronically beam-steerable smart antennas for Terahertz-band wireless communications. THz (0.3-10 THz) communication is a key technology to satisfy the increasing demand for higher speed wireless communication in the future. THz communication will alleviate the spectrum scarcity and capacity limitations of current wireless systems, and enable new applications for terrestrial and space domains. The project will involve collaboration with internationally leading partners at KU Leuven, Belgium, University of Warwick, UK, and Technical University of Graz, Austria